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Electronic Banking

I never thought that the time would come where you need not go to an actual concrete office a bank and hold actual currency for banking transactions to be possible.

You can now monitor your money through your mobile device provided you have internet access. You can pay your bills without lifting your ass off your chair. You can even transfer funds to another account, say your sister who has an account with a different bank. Corresponding fees apply of course, but what else can you ask for if you do not even have to lift more than a finger? Think, no more lines, no more tellers giving you a hard time or passing you around among themselves. Bliss.


Puny Notebook, Puny Specs

When the first few models of minute notebooks [those that are not tablet pcs] came out, I was ecstatic.  They are all ultra portable and sold at reasonable prices.  After a closer look though, I was greatly disappointed.

Most of them especially those that come really cheap are surprise, surprise, no better than your PDA or your high end mobile phone.  The specs are practically the same and the bad things don’t end there: no optical drive, small hard disk space not to mention limited expansion options.  The processor itself is the type that would catch fire if you try to edit your website scripts with the unit.  The card slots are neat though but overall it is simply like a ginormous mobile phone with a shorter battery life and heavier, longer power cords.

So techaholics, check the specs closely before handing out your greens.  Do your own research or go to a blog like this for further enlightenment!