U2 3D

The first time I heard about U2 3D, with all the love in the world, dear Bono, I thought it was not worth seeing.  Last minute I allowed a friend to drag me to see it.  And when I was there, all I could do apart from singing along was gawk and gag.  It was from their various gigs for their 2006 Vertigo tour.

The film had fourteen songs: Vertigo, Beautiful Day, New Year’s Day, Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own, Love and Peace or Else, the anthem Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet in the Blue Sky, Miss Sarajevo, Pride [In The Name Of Love], Where The Streets Have No Name, One, The Fly, With or Without You and last but not the least Yahweh.

Imagine Bono standing fifty feet tall right in front of you singing Sunday Bloody Sunday and doing a drum solo in the middle of the song.  Breathtaking.  I never thought I would actually go see anything IMAX [my primary concern is the fact that strangers had those glasses on their oily noses, eww] but I sure am glad I went to see U2 3D.


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