Matte or Glossy

Since the birth of notebooks, the perpetual debate is always should your screen be matte or glossy?

It all boils down to personal preference and how you use your laptop.  Do you use it mainly for business/office-related tasks?  Is your business more on the wordy, numerical side or artsty, graphics loaded side?  Do you use it more outdoors or in brightly lit areas or in a shady, dim cubicle?  These are the factors to consider when selecting a screen.

If you have your life in your notebook and you have a special preference for brightly lit rooms or you like working outdoors and maximizing free wifi then a matte screen is your best friend.  Glossy lcds tend to bounce off more glare and attracts more reflection so your notebook has to be in a weird angle just to be able get a simple post like this written.


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