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Neat Freak

If you are a neat freak like me, you would be bothered by unsightly cables tangled together.  Those plastic spiral thingies that are supposed to hold them together neatly can be tedious, if you get another wired hardware for your pc you have to undo and redo it all over again.

When wireless mice and keyboards flooded the market, I was the first to get myself a nice set.  Catch is, no matter how wireless it may seem, there always is a wire or a cable or a cord, whatever you want to call it, only it is not on the working area but still is somewhere behind the power box that I always try not to look at for fear that either there could already be snakes among them in between the mess or I have started my own powerplant behind my desk.

So you plug the receptor to your computer, place it on your desk, and that is the entire clutter-free factor.  You still have to take care of the cables behind your desk.