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Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I was listening to some oldies but goodies when I came across Oasis’ Slide Away.  When that album came out, I got it in tape, yes, tape, the one with two loops in a plastic case with a loooooooong magnetic strip of ribbon running from one loop to the other.  It played on my classic walkman

Since I already started the nostalgia, I dug further down my memory bank.  The first time I saw Dazed and Confused on vhs!  I still have it but it is all moldy and dusty and my player is now broken.  Back then whenever a vcr or boombox breaks down, we are used to hearing answers like ‘the head is broken’ or ‘the head is worn out’.  I remember having two vcrs: the first one could play betamax which is smaller than vhs and the second for vhs since their sizes vary.  I also remember having a video tape rewinder!  Boy, I am so glad rewinding is now done with only one press of a button.


Hard Disk On The Go

There was a time when you had to haul around a vault of floppy disks whenever you go to work.  You have to go through the trouble of labeling and arranging them properly if you do not want to lose anything.  Despite that, digging through each floppy is still a tedious task, one that might require you to have someone else to do it for you.

Fast forward to the present: you can now have your internal hard disk in a case and bring it along wherever you fee like.  More space for data storage, more data to store not just files you need in the office.  You can bring along the music you work to at home, setting the good mood for a productive day.  You can have your favorite video of your cat playing with tassels.  No need for installations, just plug and play.

Genetically Modified Organisms

I remember my grandmother used to tell me, with the revolution in technology comes the Apocalypse. First she said with the bar codes and serial numbers, it is inevitable that 666, the devil’s number, will be in the series. Of course I thought, what the f. Now I think I am starting to believe her.

Technology has gone as far as altering the genetic makeup of organisms. The apple in the fruit stand may not just be an apple, it could be a hybrid apple with the genetic strain of an orange. This is supposed to make them better. I know I better stay off this aspect of the topic but I cannot help but wonder how moralists are taking this. If it is to make what we ingest better for us, why not? As long as there are no unknown or undisclosed side effects that will manifest in later life then there is no problem.