Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I was listening to some oldies but goodies when I came across Oasis’ Slide Away.  When that album came out, I got it in tape, yes, tape, the one with two loops in a plastic case with a loooooooong magnetic strip of ribbon running from one loop to the other.  It played on my classic walkman

Since I already started the nostalgia, I dug further down my memory bank.  The first time I saw Dazed and Confused on vhs!  I still have it but it is all moldy and dusty and my player is now broken.  Back then whenever a vcr or boombox breaks down, we are used to hearing answers like ‘the head is broken’ or ‘the head is worn out’.  I remember having two vcrs: the first one could play betamax which is smaller than vhs and the second for vhs since their sizes vary.  I also remember having a video tape rewinder!  Boy, I am so glad rewinding is now done with only one press of a button.


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