And Let There Be Light

Back in the day, it was only on Bewitched where you can turn appliances on and off with literally a snap of a finger or by saying it out loud [eg ‘lights off!].  Now, if you have the dough, you can hook up the entire electrical system of your house to another system that can recognize voice commands.  You do not have to fidget with the remote in the dark and break an ankle to get to the light switch just to see where the exact button you are looking for is.  Just say ‘lights on’ and the light will be turned on.  Say ‘lights off’ when you are done.  Again getting up to get to the switch and feeling your way back to the couch is now a thing of the past.

When they began having the voice dialer on mobile phones, I excitedly thought that was the beginning of a new revolution on innovation.  Indeed, it was.


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