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I Wonder…

How it would be if Rockstar Games sold out to EA?

I do not know if I am in place to say anything about EA since I have only played two from EA Sports [FIFA and NBA Live] and The Godfather.

The graphics lack the fluidity of Grand Theft Auto.  Even when Grand Theft Auto first came out and it was mostly one dimensional to some, it still was not that bad.  To me the graphics were still like a painting.

I repeat, this is just my opinion of what I have tried from EA.  It could be them, it could be me or my computer, either way, graphics mean a lot to me when playing.  It is part of the entire virtual experience.  So when you see your favorite football player with an awkwardly prominent square jaw, it sort of makes me feel robbed of my temporary escape from the real world.  I cannot play for s**t, I tried my hand on several sports but I always ended up in the reserved roster.


Demi Moore on Twitter

I was having my usual daily dose of news when I came across one writeup on Demi Moore Twitter-ing on adoption.

When I first learned of Twitter, I was shocked and amused at the same time.  Reading through a lengthy thread, some from friends to other friends, others from one complete stranger to another.  Does it not bother them that their entire conversation can be read by the entire world?  Conversations are supposed to be intimate.  They are personal thoughts shared between people with emotional proximity.

One time I tried it out for kicks.  I replied to some post of a random guy.  In less than three seconds, he replied ‘[MyUsername] is stalking me’.  Hahaha.  Is this a form of interaction?  If not then why post something that you would not want people to reply to or simply read?

Review of Linkstar (

This is a bit of a change from my usual gadget type reviews. Today I’ll be looking @ Linkstar ( which are an online advertising company whose registered office is in London, UK. Although saying that, they also offer web design and general web dev.

I’ve read positive reveiws on a few blogs and even the digital point forums, this is a really good start. Everyone knows digitalpoint forums are pretty much the top webmasters out there and extremely picky who they do business with.

There site is very well designed and easy to navigate, this is definately a plus when you’re looking to submit more sites to them to review for advert placement. According to reviews they also have a good history of paying promptly which again is a bonus, after all no one likes to be sitting around waiting to get paid for anything!

Advertising really seems to be changing now days and moving away from the usual areas like TV and billboards and focussing more on online adverts, especially on smaller websites wheras it used to just be on big name websites.

Overall the review of Linkstar is glowingly positive, I can’t see any reason this form of advertising wont be as big as any of the traditional older ones.

Mobile Home Theater

When I go on a roadtrip, I always try not to bring anything that would defeat the purpose of seeing the sights on the way.  I would only bring limited audio, I would usually pack more water and snacks than anything else.

I do not know if I should be saddened by the evolution of lcd to mobility that you can install them in your car.  You can have one on each headrest, another one by the rear view mirror or on the dash.  You can even set it up to be a full theater system with 5.1 speakers.  You now have a home theater in your ride.  All you need is a lazy boy.  And there goes my ideal roadtrip, right out the window, driven out by the lcds.  Sigh.