Review of Linkstar (

This is a bit of a change from my usual gadget type reviews. Today I’ll be looking @ Linkstar ( which are an online advertising company whose registered office is in London, UK. Although saying that, they also offer web design and general web dev.

I’ve read positive reveiws on a few blogs and even the digital point forums, this is a really good start. Everyone knows digitalpoint forums are pretty much the top webmasters out there and extremely picky who they do business with.

There site is very well designed and easy to navigate, this is definately a plus when you’re looking to submit more sites to them to review for advert placement. According to reviews they also have a good history of paying promptly which again is a bonus, after all no one likes to be sitting around waiting to get paid for anything!

Advertising really seems to be changing now days and moving away from the usual areas like TV and billboards and focussing more on online adverts, especially on smaller websites wheras it used to just be on big name websites.

Overall the review of Linkstar is glowingly positive, I can’t see any reason this form of advertising wont be as big as any of the traditional older ones.



  1. xxx Said:

    Their site has not changed a bit. What is your benchmark when you say that their reviews are glowinglyu positive? Please site samples or testimonials from their clients.

    Honestly I think their site is very easy to navigate with since their very little content in it.

  2. technolofly Said:

    I never actually made any comment with regards to their layout changing… just that the linkstar site is nice and easy to navigate and it has more content than first seems if you use buttons at the top and then the right column on each individual page.

    As for other reviews… there’s a tonne, want me to link to some?

    (After a quick google)

    You have:

    Need I go on? Google is your friend 🙂

  3. technolofly Said:

    Please note that I’m not going to approve any anonymous comments from here on.

    I’ve received a couple which seem to be nothing more than trolling.

    To answer a couple of FAQ (which people could see for themselves if they used Google…):

    Linkstar say on their website:
    “The company operates from its offices in Europe and Asia,”

    I found the above reviews that I linked to, using Google. There are many other reviews and discussions on “Linkstar UK” on blogs and forums throughout the net.

    In my opinion, their site is well designed and it has all the info I was interested in, I’m not a web designer but hey I know what looks good to me.

    They seem to be open about everything, T&C are clear, registered office details are on the site as per legal requirements in the EU and they provide email and telephone support.

    I’m not sure what’s with the weird comments lately, I presume its from just the one person with nothing better to do.

  4. John Watko Said:

    I read the review of linkstar over on blogvis and it pretty much gave them a good report also. I’ve sold just 2 adverts to them so far. But I got just $80 per site… I guess because my sites are pretty new and don’t have much traffic yet but it’s alright. I prefer 80 dollars to nothing, right?

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