Craig Kelly

Even the athletes we have on a pedestal have their own icons.  Terje Haakonsen for one looks up to the legendary Craig Kelly.  He was dubbed as the ‘Godfather of Freeriding’.

He was the perfect epitome of a well-rounded person.  He took up chemical engineering in University of Washington and was a member of Delta Upsilon.

We have already encountered idealistic riders like Terje who refused to be in the Winter Olympics because he believes that riders should not compete but rather nurture each other.  Craig shared the same philosophy in a different level.  He refused to be part of lucrative agreements to carry on with his passion for riding the mountains.  He was notorious for his spectacular action shots which usually have him looking right through the camera.  Like Terje, he too was smooth as a cat on the mountain lines.

Tragedy struck the snowboarding community when Craig died in an avalanche in Revelstoke, BC on January 20, 2003 along with six people as he was earning his certification as a Canadian Mountain guide.


And Let There Be Light

Back in the day, it was only on Bewitched where you can turn appliances on and off with literally a snap of a finger or by saying it out loud [eg ‘lights off!].  Now, if you have the dough, you can hook up the entire electrical system of your house to another system that can recognize voice commands.  You do not have to fidget with the remote in the dark and break an ankle to get to the light switch just to see where the exact button you are looking for is.  Just say ‘lights on’ and the light will be turned on.  Say ‘lights off’ when you are done.  Again getting up to get to the switch and feeling your way back to the couch is now a thing of the past.

When they began having the voice dialer on mobile phones, I excitedly thought that was the beginning of a new revolution on innovation.  Indeed, it was.

Laser Callous Removal

I am fond of wearing sneakers.  I never realized they would give me thick callouses on certain areas on the bottom of my feet.  They feel uncomfortable, not to mention gross.  The more you trim them, the thicker they grow back.

Watching tv earlier today, I saw an archive clip on lasers and how it can be used to peel a potato if calibrated properly.  This gave birth to an idea in my head that maybe there is a similar procedure for callouses.  I imagined it would be something that could measure the average softness and thickness of the skin hence removing anything thicker or harder on the rest of the foot.

If such a thing does exist, please let me know.  I would be forever grateful.

Paperless Office

With the recent innovations in technology, it is now possible to have a paperless office.  Not only does it save costs on office supplies, it also helps the environment.

Of course, it is not completely paperless but the use of paper is limited to the most important documents.  Or the fax machine.  You will not need sticky papers stuck all over your monitor to remind yourself of the things you need to do.  Just make a note using a simple software that you can synchronize with your mobile phone and you can have the alerts on your mobile device.  Better than sticky notes, it can remind you whenever, wherever.  You do not have to print out important emails, again you just have to synchronize you email client and you can access them while you are on the go.  This does not only makes your life easier, it also gives you time to give your contribution in the preservation of the deteriorating environment.

Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I was listening to some oldies but goodies when I came across Oasis’ Slide Away.  When that album came out, I got it in tape, yes, tape, the one with two loops in a plastic case with a loooooooong magnetic strip of ribbon running from one loop to the other.  It played on my classic walkman

Since I already started the nostalgia, I dug further down my memory bank.  The first time I saw Dazed and Confused on vhs!  I still have it but it is all moldy and dusty and my player is now broken.  Back then whenever a vcr or boombox breaks down, we are used to hearing answers like ‘the head is broken’ or ‘the head is worn out’.  I remember having two vcrs: the first one could play betamax which is smaller than vhs and the second for vhs since their sizes vary.  I also remember having a video tape rewinder!  Boy, I am so glad rewinding is now done with only one press of a button.

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