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I Wonder…

How it would be if Rockstar Games sold out to EA?

I do not know if I am in place to say anything about EA since I have only played two from EA Sports [FIFA and NBA Live] and The Godfather.

The graphics lack the fluidity of Grand Theft Auto.  Even when Grand Theft Auto first came out and it was mostly one dimensional to some, it still was not that bad.  To me the graphics were still like a painting.

I repeat, this is just my opinion of what I have tried from EA.  It could be them, it could be me or my computer, either way, graphics mean a lot to me when playing.  It is part of the entire virtual experience.  So when you see your favorite football player with an awkwardly prominent square jaw, it sort of makes me feel robbed of my temporary escape from the real world.  I cannot play for s**t, I tried my hand on several sports but I always ended up in the reserved roster.