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Baby, You Can Drive My Hybrid

I have always wondered about trains and how they are powered.  With the global recession and the fuel crisis, I have always wondered how a big train can be powered by electricity and something so much smaller like a car could not go an inch with a shock.

I thought hybrids would not come to existence in my lifetime.  When Prius first came out, I thought, yeah this is the start of a long beginning, the eco evolution will not transgress to luxury brands in ten thousand years.  I was in awe when I read about the green rides of celebrities like Hilary Swank, Brad Pitt, Gabrielle Union and Kristin Davis.  Kristin took her BMW Hydrogen 7 to a movie premiere.  That is quite a statement.


Hair-free High Tech

Who knew women could finally get rid of their razors, tweezers, waxing kits and tubes of depilatory cream for the simple reason that they will no longer have any use for all of them?  Women now have two options for permanent hair removal: laser and electrolysis.

Laser hair removal works better on large areas like the legs.  Properly calibrated laser kills the hair follicles under the skin layer and aims for the contrast in pigmentation, that is why it works better with people who have dark hair and fair skin.  If you have darker skin, you have to take extra precaution for possible skin discoloration problems.

Electrolysis on the other hand is a bit more complicated than laser.  In this process, the practitioner inserts a needle through each hair follicle which is why it is more recommended on small areas like the face because it is more meticulous.  Electrolysis is also more painful than laser since needles are used for pricking hair follicles but the regrowths are guaranteed zero to none because the needles kill the follicles.

Do not expect both procedures to be cheap either.  With the brief description of both processes, you better have a deep pocket.

CDs? Whatdat?

I remember burning numerous mp3 discs to maximize the portability of my music and lessen interpersonal conflicts when I am bound in a place with booming music that I do not like.  Most audio players do not play them though, like your ordinary cd player in your car or your discman.  It would also be tedious to go through five hundred songs in your discman when you are on the go.

When the first mp3 players came out, I almost fell to my knees to worship the sky.  One gigabyte of music matched with utter portability.  Most of them were not only meant for music, you can also store data files when you plug it to your computer.  It is a storage device and a personal music player all in one.